Lightship App available on iOS and Android

Meet Lightship:

Simple command
& control software.

Seamlessly connect your workers, managers and site sensors.

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See everything on your worksite, in one place.

Lightship gives you a birds eye view of all the people and monitored equipment on and around your worksite. Manage your site based on the information that’s right in front of you. This real time view can be combined with spatial information like project data or incoming weather systems.

Lightship Responder

The right information to the right people, at the right time.

The best responder is not always the closest one. Lightship can sort your employees by their skills, their location, and availability, then add them to response teams automatically. Lightship then sends all responders the information they need to take care of an incident safely.

Truvian Labs X Lightship

Making maps do more.

We’ve merged with Truvian Labs to bring more features to your maps. Collect data in the field, immediately see geographically relevant considerations, and use powerful custom reports to query and summarize based on location and/or any detail in your data.

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Lightship Mobile App

Manage from anywhere.

Lightship was designed to manage your whole company, from one lone worker to a multi-national workforce, making existing operation centres ideal for centralized incident response. Multiple access levels can be created, allowing managers to view and manage different worksites all over the world.


Who it's for

Heavy Industries

Lightship provides a real-time, bird’s-eye view of your entire worksite, even in remote locations. Automated emergency response and lone worker monitoring ensures your workers are safe, while Lightship’s instant mass and direct communication keeps them informed. Sensor integration and reporting capabilities mean you have all the information you need, all the time.

Complex Worksites

Just because your worksite doesn’t have huge industrial equipment doesn’t mean Lightship isn’t for you. Complex worksites like Festivals, Zoos, Emergency Response, or other work environments that cover large areas with lots of people is what Lightship was built for.

Emergency Management & Response

Lightship provides a common operating picture that lets responders create and maintain situational awareness. Multiple agencies can collect data in-field while maintaining unified communications.

Security & Law Enforcement

Get a real-time view of personnel location and status while creating a long-term record of communication and events. Increase value by enabling security personnel to easily record damage or issues they see on-site, automatically notifying the appropriate staff of any problems.


Get immediate notification of any safety issues using automated check-ins and alarms. If an event does happen, respond with custom procedures for that incident type and location.

Engineering & Environmental

Improve the way you collect data in the field, then use Lightship’s powerful visualization and reporting tools to find and summarize exactly what you need. Use the same toolset to simplify check-ins and streamline supervision and communication with all personnel.


How it works

Take in worksite data.

It starts by integrating all your worksite sensors. This could be SCADA equipment or custom sensors to measure specific outputs that matter to your business. Then we have your employees install our mobile app, tying everything together so you have complete view of your worksite.

Filter it, make it visible.

One of the powerful things about gathering your data in one place is that you can filter it and find what you’re looking for faster and easier. Simply search for a name, job title, or any custom tags to find what you need.

Faster, better decisions.

Being able to see everything on your worksite is simply the beginning. With Lightship, you can build custom automation procedures to detect sensor incidents, automate maintenance, and even program emergency response protocols.

Additional Features


Add any data as a visible layer, including incoming weather systems, or spatial information like worksite structures, areas, or projects. Seeing these layers in context with your workers lets you to have a complete view of what's going on, no matter where you are.


Bring your own devices

Lightship is built to integrate with any device or sensor, so you aren’t locked in to hardware from a specific manufacturer. New devices or wearables can be integrated alongside your employees’ smartphones and existing site sensors.



Ever wonder what happened on your worksite yesterday? The day before? How about a year ago? With Lightship you’ll be able to learn from past incidents. Lightship’s history mode lets your teams play back incidents to help uncover root causes and improve future responses.


Why do I need Lightship?

Lightship is so much more than simply a task management application. It lets you see what’s happening on your entire worksite, communicate to thousands of people with just a few clicks, and respond to any incidents quickly and intelligently. Lightship increases the value of your existing systems by providing the context of real-time information. It can connect new and existing sensors to increase the effectiveness of and speed of response to environmental and equipment damage. It’s everything you need to run your worksite, all under one roof.

How do you protect my personal information?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Lightship will never distribute any personal information without the consent of the individual it concerns. All messages are protected using 256AES encryption. If you have specific requirements for encryption and restrictions on data residency, let us know and we can find a solution that works for everyone.

We use your personal information only to increase the effectiveness of the application for you and your workers. For more information on how your information is used and stored, please read our Privacy Policy and User Agreement

Can I use Lightship from anywhere, at any time?

Lightship is cloud based – this means you can access the application from anywhere that receives some kind of connectivity, whether it be internet, cellular, or satellite (in remote locations). And yes, Lightship even has the ability to work underground.

Do we have to buy new hardware?

Absolutely not. Lightship is device agnostic; this means that we can integrate alongside existing devices – like employee mobile phones and site sensors – so you aren’t locked into hardware from any specific manufacturer. We’re constantly building out new integrations, so if you have a specific request, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

How easy is Lightship to implement on my worksite?

Lightship is a cloud hosted application. This means that it’s easy to implement, but also easy to access from anywhere, on both a global and individual level. Temporary contractors can be easily registered in five minutes or less, and deactivated once their job is done.

How many devices and users can Lightship hold?

No matter the size of your worksite – Lightship can handle it. We can’t tell you a maximum number (it’s that high), but we can tell you that it can send up to 2 million messages a second (that’s 7.2 billion messages per hour).

So, how much is this going to cost?

Lightship was built to save time, people, and money. We won’t charge you millions of dollars to get your site up and running. Lightship is billed per device and user active on the system. For more information about pricing models, email us at

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Truvian Labs X Lightship

We've joined forces.

We’re so proud to annouce that we’ve partnered with Truvian Labs to bring even more great features to your worksite.

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