Maps that do more.

Create, visualize, and manage all your spatial information in the simplest way possible.


View all your data, exactly where you captured it.

Effortlessly view all of your data using Lightship Maps. Organize information based on geographic relevance, making it easy to find any information you need. Use powerful custom reports to summarize complicated data based on any detail.

Visualize: View all your data, exactly where you captured it


Custom, easy-to-build forms.

Record any type of data in the field with simple, streamlined forms that can be created and customized in seconds. Capture locations, photos, and files that link to existing map points for monitoring, inspections, and maintenance.

Forms: Easy to build, custom forms
Maps Projects


Organize documents, events, & tasks.

Maps are a fantastic filing system, as they naturally organize information based on geography, making it easy to find what you need. Lightship allows you to track events and documents, as well as assign tasks to specific locations or groups of geographic features.

Additional Features

Everything you need to run your worksite more efficiently.


Add any type of custom map data to have a complete view of both people and data.


Custom Reports

Run reports on any type of data and see it display instantly on a map.


Form Builder

Make your own custom forms that can be published instantly, allowing anyone with appropriate permissions to have direct access.



Keep organized with what’s happening in your projects with project costs, tasks, notes, meeting reminders, and more.


Custom areas of interest

You can draw a polygon around the area you are interested in on your map. This AOI can be useful to narrow your search results to the specified area.


Mobile data collection

Use your mobile device to quickly capture and store high quality data while in the field. Your data is immediately accessible on your map, reducing the risk of losing any of your valuable information.


Export to excel

Once you have found the data you need on your map, you can export it to excel and work with it there. This is great for visualizing trends or summing up information.


Set permissions

Permission levels can be set for individual users and for groups of users. This security measure allows specified users to edit, query, or just view your data.


Custom styles

You have the ability to fully customize all aspects of any marker. Change the style, colour and transparency to make it work best with your terrain and base layer settings.


Search all data

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Type your keywords into the search bar and instantly view a list of related items from your data.


Central data storage

Access all of your maps and supporting documents in one place. Store everything according to timelines and locations.


No limits

We have no limits on the number of maps or layers you can store on your site. Reports are also unlimited. You can create multiple reports that suit your unique site and workflow.


Multiple base layers

We have a selection of base layers for you to choose from when viewing your map. These include both street and satellite maps from Google, Bing, MapQuest and other custom sources.


Share maps & reports

Sharing is made easy. When you send an invitation, the recipient will receive an email with a URL link to your map, prompting them to create a username and password to login to your site.


Full mobile access

Achieve full access to all desktop features on any smartphone or tablet with with the mobile-friendly user interface.

And many more.

Our products work seamlessly together.


See everything on your worksite in one place.

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Visualize and manage all your spatial information.

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Quickly capture information on any device.

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