Environmental Services

Custom forms for easy data entry in the field.

Collect App

Mobile Data Collection

Create & deploy custom forms
for in-field data capture.

Create customized forms to support in-field collection of data, including photographs and video (e.g. invasives inventory, water quality, planting and growth monitoring). Permission for each form can be set based on user login, allowing volunteers, staff, and contractors to easily gather and update data.


Save time on data entry.

Lightship's simple, streamlined forms minimize errors during capture, reducing risk of data loss, and eliminating time spent on data entry.


Standardized data collection.

Forms can be shared across multiple projects, enabling standardized data collection and analysis.


Shareable forms.

Forms can be shared publicly or through secure links, allowing engagement with the public, contractors, or other stakeholders quickly and easily.

Project Management

Manage project timelines, tasks,
team, and costs.

Maps are a fantastic filing system, as they naturally organize information based on geography, making it easy to find what you need. With projects, you can track events and documents, as well as assign tasks to spatial locations or groups of geographic features.


Easy Project Summaries

Progress towards planned milestones is easy to view and summarize, satisfying reporting requirements for both funding agencies and internal board oversight.


Map based study areas.

Simple, map-based representations of project study areas, collected data, and analysis results enable enhanced stakeholder engagement.

Maps Projects
Environment Maps Browser

Visualize your data

Visualize, display & present.

Lightship’s easy-to-use map interface is perfect for sharing information with stakeholders and the public. Easily share maps showing completed projects, areas of concern, and upcoming initiatives.


Share maps publicly.

Maps can be shared publicly and will work on any mobile device, allowing nearly effortless engagement through websites or social media.


Unified management system.

Unified management of public and private information reduces the time required to keep maps synchronized and up-to-date.

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