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Your operational view - supporting decisions and communication.

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Create a ‘Common Operating Picture’

A single common view for all of your assets,
sensors, and events.

Your worksite is more complicated than ever, with an increasing number of screens, sensors, and data feeds. Lightship simplifies management of that information, giving you a single screen to view, query and act on worksite events. You’ll have on-demand access to sensor values, maps of infrastructure, inspection and maintenance records as well as the real-time positions for all of your moveable assets and people in one simple interface. It’s an easy way to see exactly what is happening, then communicate with your workforce to direct daily events and respond to emergencies.

Mobile data collection

Visualize & Collect.

View all of your infrastructure, sensors, and workers on a single map. Quickly deploy forms for in-field inspections, maintenance, and other operational requirements. Use history mode to replay the location and status changes of your worksite over time.

Mobile data collection

Custom Alerts

Monitoring & Automations.

Set custom alerts and alarms based on sensor value thresholds, a missed check-ins, fall detection, or manually trigger events. Build out dynamic notification procedures that find the best responders for day-to-day events and major emergencies. Lightship knows who you have on site, and can find the best responders for day-to-day events and everyday emergencies based on skill-set, location, or job title; that means better responses that will reduce worksite interruption and minimize risk.

Custom Alerts

Search & Communication

Communicate with everyone.

Use location and skill-based search capability to quickly contact an individual or group of workers - mechanics, for example - to assign work or ask for assistance. Communicate through your choice of in app messaging, phone calls, sms, or email.

Search & Communication

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